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There are several levels of service available to match your needs. No distinction is made between business and residential use. All levels include unlimited usage, there are no bandwidth caps or extra fees based on how much traffic is used. Cable service is available to all residential addresses that can get cable service from Rogers. Service to a business address is ONLY possible if there is already an installed cable service to the business, not just the building, or just on the street.

Listed Prices are Effective September 1, 2021

  Cable 5 5Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload $44.95 per month
  Cable 10 10Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload $51.95 per month
  Cable 30 30Mbps Download / 5Mbps Upload $54.95 per month
  Cable 75 75Mbps Download / 10Mbps Upload $65.95 per month
  Cable 150 150Mbps Download / 15Mbps Upload $99.95 per month
  Cable 300 300Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload $104.95 per month
  Cable 500 500Mbps Download / 20Mbps Upload $106.95 per month
  Cable 1024 1Gbps Download / 30Mbps Upload $109.95 per month

Please see the Sign-Up form for full specifications, terms, and conditions. Many questions are also answered on the F.A.Q. page. Some of the more important points are:

  • First full and Last month are paid in advance as well as the first partial month which is pro-rated.
  • There are no long term contracts or promotional pricing that runs out after so many months.
  • Service cancellation requires a written notification from the client by e-mail or letter post. NO verbal cancellations are acceptable. It is the client's responsibility to ensure any pre-paid services are used, there are no refunds on any pre-paid amounts.
  • The cost of a modem ($179) and for a technician to install/test the cable connection for internet use ($79) is extra.
  • The above ($79) installation fee under most cases will be reduced to $29 if no technician visit is required because you have active cable internet service over the Rogers network AT THE TIME of ordering from IGS KW, AND have provided enough advance notice prior to the existing service ending.
  • The one time cost to switch among available cable service levels is $15.
  • Speeds noted are the maximum peak possible download rates, absolutely no guarantee of speed is provided or implied.
  • Bandwidth is currently unlimited, but subject to change if supplier imposed. IGS KW has had unlimited high speed access services for well over a decade and will continue to do so if at all possible.

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