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IGS KW offers Unlimited High Speed Internet connections via one of two technologies. The first is delivered via a Bell phone line, with or without an existing voice service and the second is by coax cable using the Rogers Cable network. We have no bandwidth caps on any service level. Our primary coverage area is within Waterloo Region, however NOT all services are available in all locations within that area.

The network between your location and IGS KW is supplied by either Bell or Rogers, but it is IGS KW that provides your connection to the internet, support, and billing.

Connections are available for both Business and Residential clients.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances may an IGS service be used or associated with the transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail, such use will be considered gross abuse and may result in all services being terminated without refund. IGS retains the right to set the definition of unsolicited bulk e-mail in all cases.

Click on one of the two available technologies below to find the service level best suited to your needs.






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